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hello beautiful

hi. you are very cute. and i love you a lot. i hope you have a fab day and i hope that someone tells you that you are cute, because you are super duper cute.

LEAH; nineteen. english. tea and music lover.
well-rounded, beautiful female characters are pretty much the reason for my existence.
♪ why are you awake don't you ever sleep?

my sleep hours these days are from like 6am-12pm i don’t know what happened to me but anywaayyy

take a walk - passion pit

send me a ♪ and I’ll put my Ipod on shuffle and tell you our song

♪ oi wtf i'm online



two hella attractive photos of me and helenabonhamcarters


lucid blog

Schindler’s List (1993)

capaldisbluetardis replied to your post “sometimes i forget just how big the age differences are between me and…”

I’m one of the older ones and I don’t like being reminded of that =P

shhhh you’re young at heart! and it’s not like you’re old!

it doesn’t bother me when people are older than me. because i’ve grown up with older siblings that i’m really close to, and i’m friends with their friends. so i’m actually used to being friends with people in their mid/late twenties. but when someones younger than sixteen on here, i’m actually surprised by their age and i try to be careful about what i say because i don’t want to be weird

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